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About UpperHandGolf?

UpperHandGolf was created to improve the way you practice golf and help you start shooting lower scores. UpperHandGolf is easy to use, just play your normal round of golf and track your results in our custom stats booklet. Once you finish recording your results, take a picture of the page and upload it through our website.

Team Coaches

Coaches can monitor individual and team performance with AI software to assist in improving the way optimal practice is structured, and easily communicate highlighted deficiencies in every player’s game.

Individual Players

Individuals can simply understand exactly where their game is falling short, how to improve one shot better in the fastest amount of time, and dedicate their practice to areas which will yield the highest productivity rate to shoot the lowest potential score.

Swing Instructors

Swing instructors are now able to easily manage every single players individual deficiencies cutting down the time wasted in where their game is falling short. As a swing coach to a player, we offer a platform to consistently manage each players progression, what their real time performance looks like, and simply identify what their students need the most to work on the most. Your time is the most valuable resource. UpperHandGolf is the difference in allowing that time with players to have the greatest possible impact.